FOLLOWING THE ORANGE BRICK ROUTE I invested in some time at this time surfing. Never at the beach destination (I by no means learned for you to surf once living in the Gulf over 30 years). I was searching doing some ‘follow the green brick road’ path. I love to call them that considering that one internet connection, leads to a further, leads to another and you find an Emerald Locale at the end! Which is great thing in relation to following backlinks: you never learn where these take everyone and what travels http://www.onlinecustomessays.com you will have during the trip.

These are the main jewels I recently found today. We couldn’t assist but forward them together to all my favorite parent customers (and devotees! ):

It is really an amazing internet site for higher education planning. It’s actual interactive as well as tons of entertaining. It’s not your company’s typical boring college website. It’s a entertaining place to start often the search for heart schoolers along with schedules in addition to tips all through high school. Whaz up individuals and dudettes… check this one particular out! (I know I am just not fashionable but I actually try)

Wow. This is NOT your own avearage faculty tour web page. This one provides moxy but some genuine unusual creativity. You can find video visits that ORDINARY, a message table, cool 3D maps, game, career video tutorials and ways to connect with various college students. Go here one over and get inside the ‘mood regarding college’!
I had for you to plop one in just for the parents of the patients. This is the TOP, I stated BEST, web page for all that you receive with it want to know related to financing of which college education but were afraid to inquire. Remember guys: DENIAL is not really a river in Egypt. Knowledge can be power. The larger you know the more prepared you’re. So take a deep breath and start in!
As my daughter would certainly say… ‘cool beans’. This is the site to purchase and be identified by colleges, scholarships together with other college applications. A GREAT social networking site and also a place to link and set up an online presence.

The site is Twitterific! Yes, I was able say that. Stay informed about college daily life on Flickr: students, colleges and universities, faculty, groups, and more. Stay abreast of of the current college and student news via every one of the great Flickr links. And also, there’s an alternative to ‘follow all’ for anybody who is so had. Whew… I am going to just follow… EVERYONE!


No ‘yellow brick road’ search could be complete with no unearthing a good scholarship. And this one is a good one. Here’s how you enter to win… Write a invention that conveys with us what you are looking to achieve in the personal and also professional life after faculty. Your access can be a shoot, collage, poetry, drawing, painting like a pro, graphic design piece, short entered explanation, or anything YOU could easily create in an photograph! Your accessibility should display: This is how I ‘Frame My very own Future. ‘

That comes to an end my look for today. It looks like I can carefully say I ran across the ‘Emerald City’ due to the fact every one of these links might take your teen closer to their dream about a college instruction.


If you are planning to help your child with the university or college decision progression, you are not only. According to a document on TodaysCampus. com by just Joe Dysart:

Virtually all parents (90 percent) researching colleges and universities with regard to their kids are turning to online for information, based on a recent online survey from a range of market research groupings.

Of the surveyed parents, 82 percent claimed they prefer to play a new pivotal part in helping youngsters make the good investment about faculty. Only teen percent claimed they will give their child to help make that decision separately.

The net is packed with information in connection with the college final decision process. It is critical to know where to locate it as well as how to sift through all the details to utilize what’s most practical. My Moms and dads Countdown to school Toolkit sends you to the appropriate websites and provide you every piece of information you need to play a critical role in assisting your teen make your final decision with regards to college.


If your teenage is an general student, will probably be thinking that place college or even local tiny state institution is their valuable only possibility. But , in truth, there are some possible choices you might take into consideration.

According to a recently available seminar for the National Connection for University Admission Counseling,

There are actually application procedures that can help… Some powerful colleges are seeking more geographical diversity, and will eventually consider students with lazy grades when they are from a different part of the united states. Students with weak consistent test standing should also consider colleges exactly where SAT in addition to ACT fares are non-compulsory. (A collection can be found at www.fairtest.org.)

Students may want to request an interview at colleges and universities that do necessarily necessitate them, showing character levels that transcripts and GPA’s don’t show.

One college counselor recommended applying mid-year, when tickets are less economical than in the actual high-pressure crash. Another advisable looking for colleges with pre-admission programs to ease students into the college many people plan to show up at.

Of course , all consultants recommend that focusing on grades early on in your teen’s high school work will ensure a great deal more college opportunities. But if your youngster is already on their senior time and there is no time to put right their GPA, there are consistently application strategies that can help.